I don’t miss the record store

I was £40 man, the guy who could not leave a record store without spending £40. Back when people bought records this was a recognised shopper, the individual who had to by at least 4 albums and they typically cost £10 each.

It was a magical shopping experience, the store was full of people thumbing through racks of records, all the same shape, but each different in colour and key visual. Band logos changed as they reinvented themselves to stay relevant, knowing that fans would be loyal, but true music lovers were always searching for the new. The store was a place to explore, to learn and it felt like there was no end to choice. The staff became our friends; they were our guides and editor, occasionally looking a little disapprovingly at our choices. Leaving the store with a bag full of music felt good, a mission accomplished and with all the excitement of the new music ritual to come. Exploring the packaging, reading every sleeve note and playing each track. Then the sharing.

Today I am £10 a month man, a fully signed up customer of a music subscription service. I love it and listen to more music than ever.

Every day I thumb through carousels of music, all the same shape, but each different in colour and key visual. I explore, learn and find what is new. There is almost no end to the choice and the guides are specialist curators I choose to follow. My friends are there to help me edit and then there is the sharing.

I don’t miss the record store because Spotify is a fantastic retailer.


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