Human emotion will always be analogue


It’s a little over 2 years since Cheil created a virtual shopping experience in a Seoul subway for Tesco Homeplus. It went on to win recognition at the Cannes Lions, SXSWi and the World Retail Congress Awards. It has also become the go to case study to showcase innovation and change in retail and has been copied by retailers all over the world.

Since then we’ve seen the reality of the long expected seismic shift in retail. With the entry of new players reinventing entire categories, we have seen ‘traditional’ big names struggling to reinvent themselves and some having to closing their doors. Digital, as predicted, has changed everything.

Today our shopper is always-on, one click on a smart phone from a retail environment.  Our new expectations of retail are that it is Everywhere, Instant and Personal.

But there is one thing that has not changed, us. As shoppers we are still human beings and the foundation of our decision making, our emotions, remain analogue.

Our lives, in essence have not fundamentally changed; we still desire products and services that solve problems and seek relationships with brands that care about the things we care about.

The paradox of choice* continues to undermine our confidence in our decisions, particularly in categories that have become increasingly complex, with features and technologies making it even harder to figure out human benefit.

We have been trained by retailers to buy on discounts, so we seek emotional reward in value.

And we love New!

Shoppers will continue to seek out emotional connection, connection with Ideas That Move them. And at a time when everything that can be digital, will be digital, there is danger for those that forget this basic human truth.

* The Paradox of Choice – Why More is Less. Barry Schwartz, 2004


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